The Written Report - CXC English SBA


According to CXC, "the written report of the investigation should be a summary of the processes, procedures and outcomes of the research. It should include the material collected, reasons for selection and analysis of the material."

 A satisfactory report should be about 250-300 words in total. It is worth 10 marks.


Processes: Focus on describing how the group collected the three pieces that were most appropriate for the group report and the difficulties you may have experienced doing so. If the group had no difficulties, give a reason for this.

Procedures: Summarize how the group went about analyzing the materials. For example, what was done to achieve the objectives of the research? How did the group decode/analyse the material? What did the analysis reveal?  The analysis covers the relevance of the material/stimuli/pieces and the artistic/visual/literary/aural features of what is selected.

Outcomes: Focus on your experience as a group and your impressions. Outcomes cover the new knowledge gained about the theme/the selection process/the group as members who were involved in the research. Strategically summarize the findings that the pieces/stimuli provided by way of individual and group analysis.

The written report is a collaborative effort which means you must meet as often as possible to share your ideas on what you wish to include in the report. It should show evidence of research and appropriate referencing.

Paragraph Outline

Introductory Paragraph: State the theme that the group has selected and how this was done. Also, identify the topics that group members are focusing on.

Second Paragraph: Summarize how you worked as a group to select the three pieces for the report. Share strategies that were used to do so. Explain the reasons for the selection of these pieces.

Third and Fourth Paragraphs: Analyse the selected pieces and highlight what they communicate about the theme. Appropriate referencing should be used when citing sources. For example, Ireland (2017) states that skin bleaching should be approached cautiously. (Your teachers will provide information on citing sources.) Also, you can discuss how the content of the pieces impacted the perceptions or attitudes of group members.

Each member of a group will include the same written report in his or her portfolio.

Assessment: The group report is assessed for an identification of the contexts in which pieces were chosen, a description of the tasks done in selecting the materials, analysis of the material, appropriate citation of sources and use of language.


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