The tasks that you must complete are either to be done as an individual or group effort.

Individual Tasks

Each student has a responsibility to complete these tasks.

Plan of Investigation: This is worth 5 marks and has a word limit of 100 words.

Reflection: You are expected to write three reflections. Each reflection should comprise of 150 words. The reflections are worth 5 marks.

Oral Presentation: Each student is expected to present on his/her chosen sub-topic using a genre of his or her choosing. This presentation is worth 10 marks.

Individual Participation Measure: This is worth 5 marks. This captures how the student interacts with other members of his/her group and the impact and scope(range) of his/her contribution.

Group Tasks
These will be completed by each group. They involve sharing topics, working together to discuss and solve problems, explaining ideas and learning from peers.

Written Report: The word limit for this task is 250-300 words and requires the collaborative effort of all the members in each group. It is work 10 marks.

Indicators of Group Activity: This task measures how effectively each group works collaboratively. It is worth 10 marks.

Overall, the SBA is worth 45 marks


Step 1: Brainstorm possible themes.
Step 2: Form groups of 4-5 based on common interests.
Step 3: Select sub-theme/sub-topic of interest based on the selected theme.
Step 4: Select three pieces based on your sub-theme.
Step 5: Write Plan of Investigation.
Step 6: Begin writing reflections.
Step 7: Write Written/Group Report.
Step 8: Complete writing reflections.
Step 9: Prepare oral presentation plan.
Step 10: Construct oral presentation.
Step 11: Complete oral presentation.
Step 12: Compile and submit your English SBA.

Prepared by:  Melissa McKenzie


  1. Why did they make the Plan of Investigation no more than 100 words๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜”

  2. Can you elaborate more on the oral presentation please. I am confused on what we have to talk about, i know we have to talk about out topic, but like what about? Any details?

    1. it can either be a speech, poem, song (something for u to do orally) base on ur topic for u to present. u have to make it up on ur own

  3. How about someone tell me how to write the appendix


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